Yolo (You only live once) it's specialized in
Outdoor advertising and out of home media.

This "new" and creative way to advertise your product/service is far more effective than other advertising media especially in areas of high footfall as the potential audience is very high compared to indoor advertising mediums.

We have taken talent from all aspects of media and advertising to form a buying sevice and consulting company that works with end users and Advertising Agencies to provide out of Home advertising solutions. We buy out of home media for clients in Miami Area. We can handle the entire buy from needs assessments to concept to negotiations and finally to placement.

Combined we have over 25 years experience in advertising, consulting and related fields. Using a consultative approach to advertising we know what works and what doesn't work for our clients. We help you get the best results at the best possible rates available, while saving you the time of having to get proposals from  many vendors. We work for you, the client. We are constantly monitoring vendors for best practices and prices and always pass those along to our clients.

Many clients of Mexico and Latinoamerica look at us for advetise their brands, products and services as Miami is well know as " La puerta de las Americas".

Let us help you to put your brand in the best place for your audience and bring more brand awarness.

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